We recognize that many small business owners don’t have the time, or even the desire, to wade through a ream of geeky sounding websites and documents to be able to make minor – or even major – changes to their web site. We also recognize that most small business owners do not want to or cannot afford to invest hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in software, equipment or valuable manpower required. That is totally understandable. The majority of maintenance tasks take 15 minutes or less, so it is really hard to justify the investment to accomplish a few hours of work each year.

That’s where we come in. We’re always at our computers, and we have time available to take on tasks of any magnitude. Typical maintenance items take a really short amount of time when you have the tools and skills required to do something. In short, we’re all tooled up and ready to roll. We are ready and able to take on any task large or small – from a database-driven solution to server administration to straight-up HTML editing.

We make it simple and affordable to have a website that is current and fresh without the hassle. We’ll run your web site – you run your business.